This brand name offers a simulated range of commercial products that appropriate daily life objects, transforming their identity through operations with the appearance of commercial transactions.

The Movalatex is an art project.

This art project is structured so:

Visual artwork or Movalatex products (self-care range of items to protect of what you want in plastic)

Projects or Movalatex merchandising strategies (trading an extended range of latex and plastic products in order to get the best quality way of life)

By-products or Movalatex sponsoring (protective support for different activities)


Movalatex proposes a decontextualization of commercial and consumer products that are turned into art by applying a Movalatex label to them. Anyone can reproduce and originally clone a Movalatex artwork just adding the word Movalatex to the desired object (either handwriting it or downloading it from the web), as it happens, for example, with Nike sneakers made in China that you can find in “all one Euro” stores. Everybody can be a part and produce Movalatex. Every single one is invited to collective creation.

In English, French and Spanish, the german word “Öffentlichkeit” is translated in certain contexts as “public” or “publicity”; however, where “Öffentlichkeit” stands for a general category of social organization, “public sphere” or “public space” is usually preferred. It is this problem, the question of the social constitution of “publicness” or “publicity” (Öffentlichkeit) that I would like to take as the starting point for the presentation of the Movalatex project.

In the same way, the Movalatex project is willing to give us a message with the publicity and marketing strategies, but carrying privacy to a public sphere or the identification of the artist life with her work, as an attempt of reification. Furthermore, in Movalatex every artistic element becomes part of a process that describes human and social relations and, in fact, this project is more a system of artistic relations than a compendium of products.

Read here the article by Katerina Valdivia Bruch about Movalatex´s work

Movalatex shares with you the same feeling

… and it understands you when it affirms, you are not guilty of the problems that attack you.


Here this enterprise shows a hint of what Movalatex were involved in

  • Sponsoring

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Consisting of a flexible and wide range of activities

one of the movalatex´s artworks: the movalatex tablecloth


The artwork or the movalatex products, a self-care range of items to protect of what you want in plastic.

art school students at the graduation ceremony


Nowadays Movalatex represntative is working for the Andalusian Schools of Applied Arts


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